Our Capabilities - DIE-CUT & ENHANCEMENTS

SLR employs a range of the most cutting-edge printing enhancement equipment available for a wide variety of production options.

Enhancement options available from SLR create exceptional visibility for your label to make your product stand out from the others on the shelf. Our finishing equipment results in a professional to be the face of your product. Our enhancements give you a final product that is more than just a label – it is a creation itself.

SLR specializes in enhancements that product high-quality, unique and exclusive labels.
Enhancement options:

• Hot foil - A variety of foils available in stock, or option to order a particular foil.
• Embossing - Different types of embossing (rounded, prism effect, flat edge, debossing, etc.)
• selective lacquer
• Bold lacquer
• Integrated with silkscreen printing

Print coatings:

• Lacquer: Glossy, matte, printable
• Lamination: Glossy, matte

It is also possible to combine several coatings on one label to generate a certain effect.
We specialize in tailoring embossments to the label type and raw materials to attain on the client’s needs and the product requirements.